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Protection of our Environment begins by our Commitment



We are a company that only sells 100% biological products. Our products are used in many areas, including in the agricultural sector, as well as oil pollution at sea and rural areas. We can replace the toxic chemicals products use today to lessen injury, waste, and pollution.

Pollution and climate change have become quite serious for the global community. Today, the focus is on many of the man-made items that have arisen in the last fifty years, but not enough is being done to rectify the damage.  American Clean Environmental Solutions in collaboration with foreign scientists and engineers, will do what we can to make a difference.

We stand for a cleaner and greener world. Our goal is for these unique products to come to the rescue of the environment by limiting pollution.

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Are all Organic Environmental friendly products which are based on biological means. The development of products is exclusively based on natural resources and ingredients to minimize the use of chemicals in order to protect our environment. 

SES Oil Dissolver
SES Oil Dissolver contains extracted active ingredients from marine algae that can be used on all open waters (brackish, salt and fresh water). SES Oil Dissolver is a non-toxic liquid that is environmentally friendly for both flora and fauna. SES Oil Dissolver is reliable and effective in the elimination of minor and major accidents. It cleans surface water by completely dissolving oil pollution on a molecular level. No oil is lowered to the ground. The time required for maximum effecti
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The OXT+ formula penetrates all the water columns down to the lake bottom. It has the selective ability to kill the Microcystis (cyanobacteria) bacterium upon contact, as well as coliforms and fecal E. coli and other toxic bacteria, microbial and viral, present in the water. The OXT formula is selective and does not damage the water’s vital values. In addition, OXT as a second stage in spraying the lake, forms cooperation using its plant co
Bio Active Moor
Bio-Active peat bog consists of pure 100% mass to ensure a pleasant affect on direct skin. We have edited the Moor technically. The delivered consistency can be arbitrarily stretched with water when diluted. Only the quality of the water can affect the efficacy of peat mass. This natural product is from a selected mining area in the heart of East Friesland. There are no agricultural activities or other land uses that could affect this exceptionally good quality. The peat mass with an exten
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Zella has been developed as a cell stimulator for microorganisms which are active in aerobe as well as in anaerobe fields. Zella is produced from herbs, plant extracts and some natural nutrients. As a pure natural product, Zella is 100% reduced in nature and it is nontoxic. As a cell being supported by Zella, the bio catalysts of the cell are accelerated, thus also the metabolism. Zella stimulates and accelerates the growth of microorganisms in a natural way by micro-nutriment and trace eleme
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Ex Mosquito
This unique product gets rid of all kinds of mosquitoes. It only treats mosquitoes, their larvae and eggs with no known side effects to other organisms (fauna) and flora. Mosquitoes present a potential for disease transmission in many habitats that should not be underestimated. We hear about epidemics in world's news channels such as Malaria, Zika, yellow fever, dengue fever, West Nile virus and much more. The consequential damage is not payable, as there is no money available in many countri
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Active Growth
Active Growth Stimulator is a liquid plant extract that stimulates microorganisms in soil, increasing plant growth. AGS works as a catalyst in soil and is 100% organic, thus improving the plants root environment and its structure. When plants have a healthier foundation and structure, they are able to grow healthier and stronger. It also improves photosynthesis by accelerating the plant’s metabolism. Another benefit of the healthier metabolism is that the plant becomes more resistant to diseas
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Gold is our products natural way to regenerate and grow plants. The ingredients are pure and natural, i.e. plant, fruit and oils extracts, organic nitrogen solution, peptides, amino acids, trace elements, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins. This product can accelerate the growth of slow developed or damaged plants. It aids in regeneration at a faster rate. By spraying Gold, it acts directly on the leaves of stomata and cuticle, therefore having a faster effect. Unlike f
Pests and insects are a danger to plants and crops. They can decimate the weak and unprotected while reproducing at such a rapid rate that the harvests are in constant danger. Pest control is often difficult because many spraying and watering agents can be hazardous and even detrimental to the health of humans who are ingesting the plants. With Protect, we offer a pollutant-free product that is environmentally friendly and completely safe to humans, while still defending the plants. It is app
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Terrasorb Granulate
Terrasorb G® is a 100% organic natural full biological product developed for oil and chemical spills that works on land and sea. Terrasorb G® was produced for use in windy or stormy environments, so it will not fly away. No leaching or residue will be left to clean up. Terrasorb G® is a specially modified granulate based peat substratum that soaks up oil and fuel extremely fast. It is easy to apply and maintain after use.
Terrasorb Substrate U3
Terrasorb U3 ® is a 100% organic natural product developed for oil spills in car garages, factories, areas around the home, machinery and everywhere on land where oil or chemicals should be cleaned up. Terrasorb U3® was developed from Terrasorb L but, through a different process mode, made much cheaper. This product has open chambers with encapsulated hydrocarbons. Rather than attaching to outer surfaces as they do with clay-products, no leaching or residue will be left to clean up. Terr
Terrasoxs – Minibooms
Terrasoxs are filled with special full biological peat. This material nontoxic and ideal for absorbing oil, fuel and chemicals. This product was developed 30 years ago. Terrasoxs absorb extremely quick and safe. The Terrasoxs are not complicated to use, simply place on oil and water mix. It will only remove the oil spill. It is a safety system to control oil spills on water. It also works in combination with skimmer pumps and bilge oil. All necessary information on the Material - DIN safety s
Water Boom
Our oil absorbing booms are for use on bodies of water such as land lakes, fords, harbor, sea ports, sluices, canals and dock- shipyards, etc. Water booms are filled with special full biological peat (Terrasorb Substrate U3).  This material is not harmful, nontoxic and ideal for absorbing oil, fuel and chemicals. We developed it 30 Years ago. All necessary Information is produced on the Material - DIN safety sheet. Terrasorb Substrate U3 are 4,5 m long Booms, with a diameter from170 -1


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