Bio Active Moor

Bio Active Moor

Bio-Active peat bog consists of pure 100% mass to ensure a pleasant affect on direct skin. We have edited the Moor technically. The delivered consistency can be arbitrarily stretched with water when diluted. Only the quality of the water can affect the efficacy of peat mass.

This natural product is from a selected mining area in the heart of East Friesland. There are no agricultural activities or other land uses that could affect this exceptionally good quality.

The peat mass with an extensive Peloid analyses (quality report), is from the Fresenius Institute (2000).

The bio-active bog has been prepared to insure the product can be made into creams and lotions. Another advantage of this investigation is the disposal via sewage system. This product has sufficient dilution, with no blockages, so that the application is guaranteed in private households.

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