Water Boom

Water Boom

Our oil absorbing booms are for use on bodies of water such as land lakes, fords, harbor, sea ports, sluices, canals and dock- shipyards, etc.

Water booms are filled with special full biological peat (Terrasorb Substrate U3).  This material is not harmful, nontoxic and ideal for absorbing oil, fuel and chemicals. We developed it 30 Years ago.

All necessary Information is produced on the Material – DIN safety sheet.

Terrasorb Substrate U3 are 4,5 m long Booms, with a diameter from170 -180 mm.

The floatable cord carries 800 kg, so you can attach a lot together.

Our water booms are coated with OO- rope, which is durable for UV, chemicals and sea water.  Located on each end of the Boom is one carabiner for coupling.

Capacity volume of each boom is from 4 to 5m, about 40 l oil (German institute  MPA) / (48,6 l according DIN)

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